Personal Pick – Infant Breakfast

My friends ask me what I feed Joshua. He is not a fat baby (might be a genetic thing because my family are a bit skinny). Joshua however can eat and is a very active baby. Ever since his interest for solid food began, he was on a journey to try different kinds of food.

For breakfast everyday, we start with breakfast cereal. Cereals for babies are the powdered type of breakfast mix that requires hot water. Once mixed with the hot water it turns into a thicker batter ready to be eaten by your baby. There are several brands out there. The more famous one is Cerelac.

I have read somewhere that cereals can cause constipation to your baby. But its not the cereal per se, it could be the iron fortified as an additive to the cereal that can cause that. So, I have always done this mix… Cereal+oatmeal mix. This will give my baby enough fiber that solves the constipation issue.

I also did a bit of checking on the cereals out there. To be honest, Cerelac has an overly sweet flavor. Well, in my opinion, I don’t want my son to get used to so much sweets. So I have found other alternatives.

My next choice is Promina. It is a cereal made in Indonesia. It has no preservatives, no coloring, no artificial sweeteners, nor msg. It is also fortified with vitamins. It was sweetened enough and just right. Our favorite flavors are brown rice with milk and mung bean with milk. They also have chicken with vegetables flavor and it is more a lunch kind of cereal.

Then still I looked for options that did not have sugar. I found a brand made in the Philippines. Nutri-Del is a dry infant cereal with no sugar, no salt, no preservatives, nor artificial coloring and fortified with vitamins! With this one you can regulate how much sugar you put on your baby’s cereal. They also have several flavors

As usual, I always mix in a bit of oatmeal to the cereal. I like Australian Harvest instant oats. It has good quality oats that plumps up well with hot water.

As an additional tip I learned, avoid feeding your baby with honey. Though I probably served my son oatmeal with honey several times. I did not realize it can cause danger to him. According to my research honey can cause botulism bacteria and babies under one year old have a difficult time fighting it. But I thank God, Joshua seems fine. I totally stopped serving him breakfast with honey in the mix.


This is the breakfast personal pick that my baby likes. Its good to alternate what my son eats, so he can widen his palate and enjoy all kinds of food when he grows older.


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