Paying it forward

When I gave birth to my son, it was a sure thing I will be delivering my baby via c-section. I had the best support because my twin sister flew in with her entire family, so did my mom and my brother.

Gino, my brother did the sweetest thing for me. He donated his blood (and it was his very first blood extraction). In case I needed blood for my operation I needed a standby with the same blood type. Monique also did the sweetest thing for Josh… She gave her breast milk to my son when my milk was still not yet flowing. My mom was a super blessing… She bathed me, dressed my operation wound, and assisted me like a professional care giver. Steve took care of all admin details and stood by me all the way. I had the love and support of family.


I also understand the difficulties a first time mom has on her first month. Thus, I have a desire to help my friends who are first time moms. Its sort of a “pay it forward ministry” because I received so much blessing, love, and support on my first time.

My friend Jade is a first time mommy and gave birth to her first baby this September. Her natural birth plan turned out to be an emergency CS. Though it seemed frustrating that plans changed, but God meant it for good. Her son is a healthy good looking 6 lbs little boy!

Jade calls me that she was stressed and needed support on how to care for her little one. So, we made arrangements with a midwife to teach her the basics of caring for a newborn baby. I also made myself available to encourage her to breast feed.

Like any new mom, you don’t get much sleep. Jade, her mom, and her baby had been pretty much awake all night. Our first project was to swaddle her baby, then for him to latch, get him some good morning sun, bathe and latch again.



I was so excited to witness and assist her baby’s first successful latch! Jade is blessed because she has milk and even if she is inverted, we were able to find a way for her baby to latch! It encouraged her so much. Also it means she can say good bye to the formula milk that made her baby’s poo hard for a 3 day old baby.


It just proved to me that nothing is impossible if you really want to breast feed. Unlike Jade, I had no milk. But I did not give up. In a matter of days, Joshua’s latch stimulated the production of my milk. By God’s grace, Im still breastfeeding for the past 9 months!

Jade’s baby first bath at home was also a joy to watch and assist. My son’s newborn clothes were also loaned to them. What a blessed Sunday the day was for all of us.



I’m blessed because Jayden is a miracle baby. He was delivered via emergency CS because his fetal heartbeat was dropping due to delivery distress. But today he is looking more like a good looking bundle of joy and getting a lot of nourishment from his very dedicated mommy. Congratulations Mommy Jade!



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