Swimming Time!

Ideally I was hoping to introduce swimming at 6 months… However, my husband is so afraid that Joshua might contract a disease from the swimming pools. While he was saying “don’t let him swim, it might be dirty…” I was debating in my mind that probably the chlorine will kill it and so we should not worry.

The best person to settle this issue would be the doctor. So, the pediatrician advised it will be safer if the baby has completed the following vaccines: hepatitis, rota-virus and polio. Good thing at 7 months, Joshua has completed these. It was great timing because I was joining a conference in Shangri-la Mactan, Cebu and I was bringing along Joshua. It was my intention that Joshua gets in the big pool and try swimming!

So, on the day when the conference ended, my early bird baby got his first try to jump into the big pool. I brought with me a baby rash guard (to protect his skin from the sun). I also had a baby sun block that had uv broad spectrum to protect his baby skin and face from burning. To top it all, the best gift we received from my cousin Carissa and Os was the inflatable baby floater.


My son loved the water! He was smiling, kicking his legs and playing with the water. He loved it so much that leaving the pool was one crying session.

Since we swam without his daddy, we had to swim again this time with his dad. He was not afraid to even go under water because he was clasped in his dad’s embrace. It made me realize that as long as Joshua sees us his parents confident in the pool, he too can feel secure about swimming. It was such a joy to see our baby becoming a water lover…