First Hair Cut

My little guy had very cute curls that were growing well over his head. We were hoping we can make him look like a surfer with those nice long waves… Well it was not until his daddy decided, it was time to get a haircut. Joshua’s very first hair cut was at 14 months old.

Little boys need their fathers to introduce something new, like one’s first barber experience. Better yet, if the barber is your dad. It makes a huge difference! First, there is that trust. Second, there is that comfort of doing this right out of your own bathroom. Third, you get instant encouragement from both mom and dad about the new look!


The sound of the clippers and its vibration can be pretty scary. Good thing daddy was demonstrating the barber cut on his head, and it made Joshua unafraid of the clippers.


In a couple of minutes, his head has been evened out and a good 2 -3 inches of hair has been cleared.


A full body shower was the best way to rinse off any hair left. This was one of the perks of doing this at home! The best perk is that its done with lots of love and is absolutely FREE!!! The new look made my baby look younger and also fresher. Thank you daddy Steve!!!



Alternative Milk


I was trying to wean my son from breastmilk to cow’s milk, suddenly he contracted amoeba. My personal suspicion– it was triggered by lactose intolerance. Finding the right milk for him suddenly became secondary because I decided not to wean him. Breastmilk has so much antibodies that it strengthens a child who is afflicted with some kind of sickness.

In reality, Joshua even having his amoeba continued to play, continued to run around as if he was not sick at all. Of course he had the runs, but overall he seemed very well. I have to say that the breastmilk has really given him some kind of booster that makes him quite strong. Even when everyone got the virus, he too got it. But again, he just continued to play, run around, laugh and he was not difficult at all. I have to really thank God for giving me a child like that.

However, I also know that reality will set in, I have to find an alternative to breast milk. I am really planning to wean him slowly. My schedule is filling up with activities and meetings which means I am often out. I have to start finding another milk that Joshua is not allergic to. I was told to try goats milk, or soy milk. However, there are two mothers who have recommended another kind of milk. Nut based milk is their choice and specifically, the Almond milk.

So when I was in Manila, I entered Rustan’s and there was a section of Silk’s Almond Milk. What made me happy was seeing that it was NON-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism), Lactose Free, Gluten Free, and Soy-free! Wow, its calcium content is higher than cows milk, and it tastes just great! Also a box is not so bad it costs from Php 144- Php152 a box.

A box is about 946 ml. To my son a box is good for about 7 days. You must be thinking, “how can that be? Isn’t that too little?” Remember, this is just an alternative.. It only supplements when I am unable to directly feed. But just think about it… How much is formula canned milk? Its 9 to 10 times the price of this one.


In Sarangani, the focus of the agricultural program will be on naturally grown food which is really the kind of produce God intended for us. But today most of our food come from genetically modified sources. They are also causes of cancers and other degenerative diseases. So, going all natural is the best!


Overall it has been such a relief to find something suitable for my son. Unfortunately this milk is not available in Gensan or Sarangani. We have to fly them in from Manila for now (until purchasers of our groceries here find it worth bringing in.)

Thank God for quality products like Silk that help moms with kids who are lactose intolerant.



It’s so unbelievable! I can’t believe it — my childhood asthma is back. I have been howling and barking like a hyena… and I pray I get over this hypersensitivity.

It all started in January 2014 when we were in Manila. The temperature dropped to 15 degrees celsius and that is quite cold. Our air-conditioning goes as low as 17 and this was 2 degrees lower. Obviously one was bound to get sick. It started with our nanny Jovy. We tried our best to keep her away from Joshua, but it was difficult. I had meetings and things to do that often she had to assist him.

My son did not get sick quickly. His cough developed almost 2 weeks after his nanny’s. Our pediatrician suggested that he takes ambroxol and nebulized. Later, his phlegm was getting thick and he had to be upgraded to augmentin for 7 days. After the prescribed days have passed, his cough lessened but it still has the phlegm. What came 2 weeks later, was my cough. I thought, since we co-sleep it would not be long that I would get infected with his cough.

So, like Yaya Jovy and Joshua, I too started to take medicines. I took first Guafenasin and wondered that even after taking it, I still continued to cough. No phlegm, just itchy dry cough. By the wisdom of my sweet health-conscious husband, I met with a doctor to check what was wrong with me. I gladly obeyed though my schedule recently has been filling up with meetings. What the doctor confirmed was a definite wheezing sound on my chest. It really is asthma. I could not believe my ears! I thought I outgrew that. I am back to being hypersensitive to smoke, to weather, to dust. Also the doctor says, the possibility of Joshua getting asthma is about 50%. I do hope he does not have it. I recall the bad episodes I had as a child when I felt my throat constrict and really panthing for air.

I turned to swimming and it became my sport. Not only my sport but I competed and joined even regional meets in college for swimming. It definitely helped me overcome asthma. When the doctor asked me when the last attack I had, I could not even remember. It was ages ago.

But now, this momma has to be back on the inhaler, antihistamines, and nebulizer. The great thing is, there are medicines today that are breastfeeding friendly. None of the meds I take will affect Joshua or my milk.

I also explained to the doctor, that even if Joshua is coughing, he remains active and eats alot. Its like he isnt sick. She answered me, ” its because breastmilk has antibodies so he is taking antibodies thats why he is strong”. So to my other breastfeeding mommies there, you can continue to breastfeed even if you are sick, just get meds that are breastfeeding friendly. It is still best for our babies.