First Hair Cut

My little guy had very cute curls that were growing well over his head. We were hoping we can make him look like a surfer with those nice long waves… Well it was not until his daddy decided, it was time to get a haircut. Joshua’s very first hair cut was at 14 months old.

Little boys need their fathers to introduce something new, like one’s first barber experience. Better yet, if the barber is your dad. It makes a huge difference! First, there is that trust. Second, there is that comfort of doing this right out of your own bathroom. Third, you get instant encouragement from both mom and dad about the new look!


The sound of the clippers and its vibration can be pretty scary. Good thing daddy was demonstrating the barber cut on his head, and it made Joshua unafraid of the clippers.


In a couple of minutes, his head has been evened out and a good 2 -3 inches of hair has been cleared.


A full body shower was the best way to rinse off any hair left. This was one of the perks of doing this at home! The best perk is that its done with lots of love and is absolutely FREE!!! The new look made my baby look younger and also fresher. Thank you daddy Steve!!!



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