Its definitely Summer

It has been quite hot in the past weeks. Some afternoons, the airconditioner would blast on high cool and yet the air still feels like room temperature air. There are limited activities a one year old toddler can do during the summer. In my case it was my son who showed me what fun we can do this summer.

He whined himself out of the house and walked toward the hose. We have introduced the hose to Joshua so he could learn watering plants. That particular afternoon was different. At 230pm on that sunny summer afternoon, Joshua strolls himself around the house with the hose. We let the water run and suddenly he became quite creative. He starts playing with the water and showers himself with the hose. It was fun to watch. He super enjoyed the sprinkles of water on his face. With the summer heat, my son taught me to have fun in a more practical sense!

Summer is here

I also bought a inflatable swimming pool for Josh to enjoy at home. The first time we set it up, I got all excited and took liberty to be in my swim suit to play with him in the pool. But after two photos with him in the pool, Joshua insisted to kick me out of the pool. I was not even a minute in the pool! Hahahhaa.. It was like him telling me, “I can take care of myself mom.” He can be really independent some times. In fact, he makes me forget that he is just 1 year old.

Mom and babe in the pool before Mom gets kicked out!

Mom and babe in the pool before Mom gets kicked out!

I guess swimming and hose playing are a good way to cool down this hot summer. Also it is good to keep babies hydrated with them drinking water and juices. This heat can be really fun if we allow our little ones to enjoy it. Playing with water can be really, really fun!


TANG Sweet Orange Baby Teethers!

If you are a mommy like me, you know exactly that a baby going through teething is no joke. Our babies get cranky, they often want to have those itchy gums soothed by pacifiers, or even toys.  Well my little boy is growing a new tooth again and though he is pretty sport about it, it still makes him drool alot and want to bite on toys.

This week, I was privileged to join my other blogger friends to the launch of Tang’s new product.  They introduced something really interesting… A TANG powdered juice formulated for the Mindanao palate.  They brought their own food scientists to study what a Mindanaon wants in their orange juice.  7 out of 10 Mindanaoans seem to agree that they want a sweeter flavor in their orange juice.  So, if you like your orange juice sweeter, guess what, you can now buy the TANG SWEET ORANGE.  The only catch is, you can only buy it in MINDANAO groceries and sari-sari stores! 

Think about this —  An international brand willing to formulate a new variant just for Mindanaoans … willing to adjust to the taste and the culture of Mindanaons???   I say, “Its just super cool!!!” 


Well, my son is a true Mindanaon. He was born in Mindanao and most likely will grow up in Mindanao.  Therefore, it will be highly possible that he will develop a Mindanaon palate.  Good thing that TANG Sweet Orange it is fortified with Vitamins A,B, C, Folate and Iron, and is Halal certified (meaning clean food and organic).  So I have decided to be creative, and use TANG Sweet Orange to make a Baby Teether suited for my Joshua.

It is suggested to mix one 25g sachet of TANG Sweet Orange with 1 Liter of water. I still find it very sweet.  So, to adjust to my little one year old’s taste, I mixed the sachet with 1.5 Liter of water.  Then I started storing it in Ice Plastics and placed it in the freezer overnight. This TANG Sweet Orange teether is ready to soothe my baby’s gums.  Also since its summer, it is another great popsicle to cool off the hot sunny days!