Parenting Seminar

When one becomes a parent, the thought of it is bliss but in reality it is all whole lot of work. Most parents have no idea what they are doing and that’s the blatant truth. We only know how we were raised. And truthfully, not everyone feels that they were raised perfectly. In fact, if you ask most people they would say there would be things they would change and apply to their kids because they had harsh or hurtful experiences with their own parents growing up. There’s very little preparation or perhaps no preparation at all for anyone to become an intentional parent. No school teaches that, and most just ouido it.

Early in my marriage, Steve and I decided to attend the parenting seminar given by CCF (Christ Commission Fellowship). Pastor Peter Tan-chi, his wife, and children really inspired us to look at bible-based parenting principles. We learned so much about disciplining your children, making TIME for children, Forgiveness and grace in the family, having a family legacy… etc. We took that course quite early because our firstborn came 7 years later.

This time, since I am in actual practical parenting mode, I have committed to attend the Counterflow event which is a parenting seminar with Biblical perspective. There are 3 main speakers this year — specifically Dr. Peter Tan-chi, Francis Kong and Larry Fowler. This will be held in CCF Main in Ortigas Avenue, Metro Manila on October 25, 2014. Tickets to the seminar is P500 per person.

Counterflow 2014

Counterflow 2014

If you want to learn how to intentionally raise up your children, I’m encouraging you to take this seminar with us. I would also love to hear if parents in Socsargen will be interested with a seminar like this locally. Because if we get a big confident nod, then God-willing we are planning to take Counterflow to Socsargen area next year!


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