No Sugar Christmas

It was just last week that I was free from obligation and decided to take the glucose test for my pregnancy. At 33 weeks, my glucose test was unlike my first pregnancy. This time around my blood sugar was above the range of the normal and I have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

I look at myself and my limbs are rather small but my belly is obviously growing. No one would figure that I have gestational diabetes. Okay, I had a hard first trimester. I was nauseous and I had a bad case of morning sickness that I lost 10 lbs in 1 week. To top it all, I was stressed with forced weaning of my breastfed baby because I needed to care for the baby in my womb and myself. So, in short this pregnancy was hard on me physically and emotionally. That’s why when I had the urge to eat, I did not stop myself from any of my cravings.

I had occasional junk food, and maybe a month that I chewed on one chocolate bar a day. Then I stopped eating that way. But when I did stop… I found myself to have some blood sugar issues.

This means buying a blood glucose tester and pricking my finger at least 3 times a day. It also means getting a better and healthier diet. The only sad thing is — it’s Christmas season! Everything seems great to eat with sugar!!!


So far eating salad with non-honey based dressing, brown rice, and one piece of non-fried protein has kept my sugar level in check. Good thing that fructose from fruits has not been banned but is limited.

My first pregnancy did not reach this point. Now that I’m older, everything seems more difficult. But I am still sooo blessed. Never did I imagine to be blessed with another child… The Lord God is so good. A little sacrifice and a little cheat (as soon as I can find sugarless ice cream and other food) will help me thru the Christmas season.



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