A Sarangani Christmas!

Usually, during Christmas we would leave Sarangani and take a vacation. This year is different. I’m now 8 months pregnant and giving birth in January. I’m no longer allowed to take the plane and I’m really needing the rest for my upcoming big day.

Good thing that my husband’s siblings and nephew decided to join us in Sarangani. Christmas is about Jesus coming to the world to save the lost. Each year families celebrate this time to get together and celebrate what God has done for us… giving Jesus as a gift to the world. We are blessed to be around immediate family and our extended family (our household), though we wish we were with the rest of our family.

This year’s Christmas Day we set out for a simple family grill by the beach of Kling… Pork Barbecue, grilled shrimps and fish, salad and an all-day swim and family bond just like the days of Steve’s dad and mom… We had a lot of reminiscing of childhood memories and how my father-in-law, Ruben, would enjoy this simplicity.



Joshua is experiencing a family tradition being passed on. My husband’s family grew up on that same beach and also roasted their food for an easy lunch with their parents. Now we are doing the same kind of tradition. Joshua warmed up to the black sand beach and he had a good swim with his dad and uncles…





Joshua also enjoyed harvesting local cherries and green mangoes from the farm. He also bonds with daddy around the farm to see the cattle and other animals. What a joy it is to spend such quality time as a family. What a blessing it is from the Lord to have this time to make new memories.


This Christmas in Sarangani has made us grateful. Beyond any gift, family and time are most precious… It’s really a time of thanksgiving to the Lord for our life, our family, our talents and opportunities, our time, and most of all our Jesus who has given eternal life.



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