He can tell…

The last few days before giving birth to our baby girl, our son Joshua has become so clingy. He has been asking for more time with me. He asks for milk so just he can lie down with me on his bed at his request. He wants me to watch his every move whether he swims, plays, bathes…

On my 9 month of pregnancy, I found it difficult to carry Joshua and this gets him so upset. If I can’t attend to what he wants, he cries wildly. He has been having tantrums every single day for the last 4 days before my due date.

It’s such a time too that I’m getting contractions and having the “Blood Show” (this is a sign that at any time I can get into labor and deliver the baby.) I have to stay put and rest as much as I can because when the baby comes, sleep will be oblivious.

Bottomline is, I think Joshua knows that the time is very near for the birth of his sister. He must be anxious of the unknown… To share his world with another sibling is a whole new thing and he does not know what to expect. He is expressing this out in his current needy behavior. But in all honesty, it’s stripping off my patience.


We flew in my sister, her husband, and their kids to be with us. Joshua will have some distractions when his cousins arrive. I pray that having them around will soften the situation… I need to let things be and allow my son to process this new reality. I know he will embrace it and will be a loving older brother.


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