Group Schooling

I am praying God will enable me to homeschool my children. I have seen many of my mommy friends who do home school and their children are intelligent, well mannered, and highly sociable kids. They are able to carry conversations with adults and with other kids. 

When I was in Manila, I met other homeschooling moms. They were doing a group school in CCF. Moms take turns to teach homeschool kids different topics. I was excited to go and observe. They taught values, alphabets, and guided play to toddlers within 2-3 yrs old.  

Values – they take a bible reading and teach a life application from it. That day, they taught about God’s house and how to behave in church. So each child was made line up and pretend they were going to church and sit in their places quietly. 

Alphabets- they teach one alphabet at a time. So this time it was the letter V.  They had the kids paste pasta over the letter V. This helps in memory retension. 

Then, on the guided play, they had a game about frogs and how each frog jumped in the water. The game had a little math too! They had to count how many frogs we’re left. Then at the end each one had to make their frogs using a spotted green plate. 

I really got encouraged seeing my other mommy friends homeschool their kids. It also affirmed that what Joshua and I are doing at home is pre schooling already. I am praying for grace and patience to do this. My desire is to really homeschool Joshua.

I’m seeing the unspoken fulfillment of each mother in this group. I dream for this kind of parenting in Gensan and Sarangani too!