Fever go away! 

When our babies get the fever it seems so alarming for parents. Aggressive type of diseases (like the dengue fever) are rampant in tropical countries like the Philippines. That is why parents get worried and won’t wait longer than 2 days to get checked.

My 9 month old Anna, is a happy baby who likes to eat. Well, it was so until she got feverish. When Anna started burning up with a fever she was no longer playful and she did not feel like eating. She would whine and just ask for mommy’s embrace and the comfort of breastfeeding. I knew I had to let go of all my plans and appointments and strap Anna around me like a kangaroo with a baby on its pouch. 


After a visit to the doctor it was recommended to take a urinalysis, a stool exam, and blood test. Fever is a sign that the body is fighting an infection or causing an alarm on the immune system… It is anyone’s guess if it is a virus, an infection, or a disease. We were also advised if the fever hits 100.3 Fahrenheit, to administer paracetamol. Anna became a fussy, whiny, and clingy little girl. The difficulty of infants are not being able to articulate what hurts and where it hurts.

As we went back and forth to the hospital for tests, it was concerning to see so many children in the ER. You feel the tension among parents holding their crying babies. It makes you say a prayer for your child and for theirs. 

Manong Joshua would lay hands and pray for his sister, “Fever go away in Jesus name!” I also thank God also for friends who I asked prayers from because on the 3rd day Anna’s fever subsided.

Anna’s urinalysis came out negative from UTI. The stool exam also came out negative.She also did not cry when they took blood by pricking her little finger and pressing it. She’s one brave little infant. I’m blessed by that. I am also blessed by her blood results because all was normal except a low White Blood Cell count which means viral infection. And true to the form of viral – flat rosy spots have surfaced on day 4. Anna has roseola. It is contagious to children between 6 months to 3 years old. Since it’s viral there are no medicines for it … My baby has to just go through it.


So for now, mommy has to just stay close and take care of my little one. It will all get better in Jesus Name!! 

I am praying too for all moms and dads and babies that are currently in some health situation. Know that Jesus heals and he hears our prayers! 


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