Amazing 10 months! 

My little girl Anna is quite different from her very outgoing brother Joshua. She always has a serious face and she seems to observe people. She does not give off a smile easily. Some people say she looks like me, but I say, she looks like her daddy. Okay, you guys be the judge!  

 She is fully breastfed 10 month old baby. This little one is a strong girl. She likes to follow her Manong Josh. She does not have a lot of girly toys, so she is exposed to her older brother’s stuff. She seems to comprehend quickly what her brother is doing and wants to join in and play. Joshua often would struggle with sharing with her so she has learned to also whine at him and many times fight back because she also wants to play. 

But as of recent, she has shown us some pretty remarkable stuff at 10 months old. She has been very good with stacking her brother’s wooden pyramid. I was amazed because she would do it again and again. She is patient and does not stop trying until she succeeds.


Then one morning about 4 am, she showed us her mastery on another toy. She could not sleep that early morning but she did something spectacular. With a wooden tool box toy, she was able to insert wooden nails on a row of holes. It was a pretty amazing to witness this milestone! 

Check how she did it here:

Then the following day, she attempted to  do a even more challenging task. With some popsicle sticks and a box drawn with a bear’s face and a small slit for the mouth, Anna succeeds putting in the sticks in! Joshua did this activity at 2 years old, and she confidently does this at 10 months! 
 Look at this video:

Steve says his little girl might become an engineer or a doctor. I don’t really know what she will be when she grows up, but I am thanking God for just how amazing she is. My little Anna, you are such a blessing and a wonderful gift to us! 



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