When your child teaches grace…

I was so happy to have been invited by Child Evangelism Fellowship to share to a group of pastors how I taught my 3 year old son about the bible. I shared how my 3 year old was able to memorise 10 bible verses.  I was in so much delight to encourage them to keep sharing the gospel to every child in their home, church and community.  It was a blessed morning of testimony sharing.

Returning home from that event, I was greeted by my children. After lunch I prepared to bring Joshua to his swimming class. He enjoys swimming and I really want him to learn the basics of surviving in water.

In swimming class, my son is the youngest student. In order for him to feel secure, I have to get in the water and join him too. Good thing the coach is very understanding towards us. After most of the drills that day, Joshua suddenly changed his mood. He must have felt tired. But instead of saying he is tired, he started screaming and feeling upset at me. After discussing and trying to pacify, he just kept screaming at me in the pool. I knew we had to stop swimming. So I asked his nanny to take him to the bathroom and change him so we could go home. He screamed and cried even harder and we could still hear him from outside.  I was getting embarrassed because other parents were asking if he was okay. I tried to rush and leave the hotel.

Joshua just did not stop his tantrum. He kept crying and screaming and was not at all listening to my instruction to keep quiet. This was going on for about 30 minutes already. People were looking, and I was stressed.  He kept on crying as we rode the elevator, all the way in the lobby of the hotel and even when he reached the car.  Despite all the commotion, the staff of my husband wanted to get from me the hotel membership card. I asked if I could give it at home because Joshua’s tantrum was uncontrollable. However, she asked if I could give it now because she needed it already.  Having Joshua screaming and crying by my ear…I banged the door at her, slapped Joshua’s mouth and screamed “SHUT UP JOSHUA!”.  I said this in front of my driver and the nanny, and of course even the staff of Steve heard all of this. Joshua mellowed a bit, yet I was so tense looking for the card in my wallet.  Finally, I found the card and gave it to the staff, but my good testimony in the morning was lost in that moment of tantrum.

It felt like a long way home as Joshua continued crying. My mind was just out in space in disgust with my own behaviour. Here I am professing I am a Christian, and at that one moment of stress, I blew it.  I lost my cool, I let anger take over, and it was such a bad testimony.

When we got home, I had to administer discipline on Joshua.  His butt met the spanking rod and he asked for forgiveness and stopped crying.  But the whole commotion overwhelmed me, that I was so upset with how I behaved. I just kept quiet when Joshua said “sorry” and did not mind him. In the shower, I prayed and told the Lord how I felt and how upset I am with myself. Meanwhile, Steve was talking to Joshua about obeying and respecting me.  Joshua knocked at the door of the bathroom and kept saying, “Mom, I’m really sorry.” But I kept quiet and did not mind him.

When I got out of the bathroom he kept following me. He would from time to time say, “Mom, I am sorry.”

Then I told him, “Joshua I need you to stop fighting mom. Im feeling sad.”

Joshua looking at me said again, “mom, I’m sorry.”

I told him, “I need time out from you, I am feeling sad.”

In my surprise, my 3 year old came close, placed his hand on my head and said… “Dear Jesus, thank you for my mommy.  Take her sadness, make her healthy and strong, make her have good dreams tonight, in Jesus name. Amen”. When he did that, my heart softened and I hugged him.  I then told Joshua, “Next time when you are feeling upset and angry, I should pray for you so you don’t fight mommy.” He then blurted, “pray for me now. pray so I don’t get angry.”

It was a moment of grace. My 3 year old was teaching me not to delay and pray.  So I placed my hand over his head and prayed, “Dear Jesus, thank you for Joshua. Give him a good heart, remove anger from his heart. We cast out any spirit of anger in his heart. Lord, make him obedient, loving, and kind. Help him love you Jesus. Let him know that Nothing can separate him from the love of God. In Jesus name”  and we both said, “Amen.”

I was fully humbled by God! Yes, I can start the day right, mess up in the middle, but God will always, always, make me right with Him at the end of that same day.  His mercy and His grace is so overflowing.  God used my 3 year old to show me an area in my life that I need to improve on — To be consistent in prayer, consistent in discipline, consistent in forgiveness and in the knowledge of God’s grace.

I thank the Lord for giving me a child who teaches me how to stand up after I stumble and reminding me that God’s grace is sufficient even in my weakness.









Getting to know you..

The faithful day of the birth of our second child has arrived. It meant being away from home for 3 days and being confined in the hospital. I requested to enter the hospital on the same day of delivery because I wanted to spend as much time with my 2 year old son. He won’t be allowed to visit the hospital and 3 days is long. My heart goes out to him because he has been feeling the blues and acting very needy and moody. It’s unsaid, but Joshua did feel anxious about the new baby.

God was with us as we delivered my daughter Anna via cesarean section. All my blood donors failed the conditions required by the hospital’s blood bank. Yet, the Lord in His sufficiency guided my doctors and allowed me to recover without any need of blood transfusion. Also, my gestational diabetes was non-existent as well. I had normal blood sugar and blood pressure. I was very healthy to deliver the baby. God is to be praised. Even my internal organs when my OB saw it during the operation said that they looked much better than 2 years ago. There is healing happening in my body and I give God the glory.


Anna our daughter is such a blessing. She weighed 7.2 lbs and 51 cm long. She latches really well and breastfeeds a lot. She also sleeps a lot and is a very easy going baby.


My twin sister was so kind to baby sit Joshua while I was gone. Her kids were a big help in making Joshua busy. However, Joshua still had trouble adjusting to no mommy at night. He had night terrors and would wake more often and cry looking for me. Daddy Steve also doubled his time and effort to keep Joshua bonded with him.


As I was recovering in the hospital, I kept praying that I’d recover fast and that the adjustment of Joshua will be a breeze. I asked God for grace especially because I’m going to be breastfeeding the little one and still have enough attention for my toddler child. I was getting anxious in the hospital and looked forward to going home.

On the third day, I finally got discharged. Though I had a cesarean operation, God gave me strength to move around. I looked forward for the meeting of Joshua and Anna.

When we got home, Joshua was sleeping. I got all emotional that I had to kiss and hug my baby boy. He went through an emotional roller coaster in the past days.

When he woke up to meet Anna for the first time, he looked at her and kissed her. He was awkward with me, but not with Anna. He played all day in the room where Anna and I was. When I breastfed Anna, he took the other side and tried to do the same. When Anna cried he would be so concerned and he would look and try to kiss her hoping she would be pacified. Joshua is a sweet and loving brother. I feel so blessed!



I’m enjoying this blessed week of family. Joshua and Anna are getting to know each other more each day. Daddy is really taking the extra mile to be Joshua’s best friend. Anna is such a sweet angel because she is so easy that I get to spend time with Joshua as well… Now the awkwardness is gone! Truly prayer holds the family together.


Don’t worry about anything, but in all your prayers ask God for what you need, always asking him with a thankful heart. And God’s peace, which is far beyond human understanding, will keep your hearts and minds safe in union with Christ Jesus. (‭Philippians‬ ‭4‬:‭6-7‬ GNB)”