Personal Pick – Avent 3-in-one

Today I will make a review on another personal pick that I am happily using. One appliance I believe you need to purchase is a sterilizer. Whether you are breastfeeding or going formula you will need to sterize baby bottles, pacifiers, and even later utensils and plates.

When I was searching I needed a sterilizer that would make life easier. It must be flexible to handle small items and larger ones too. This is why the Avent 3-in-one sterilizer became a great fit for me!


It has 2 plastic compartments. A larger one that can hold big bottles, plates, etc… Then it has a smaller one that can fit nipples, pacifiers, and baby utensils. The reason it is called 3-in-one is the flexibility to sterilize just the big compartment or just the small compartment or both! Sterilization is just one click and 6 minutes long. It is also easy to clean because the compartments are removable and light.

Currently it retails around P6,500+ but if you wait for its sale you can buy it as low as P5,200. Try befriending Avent_unlimited on Instagram and purchase online at P5,800.00.

For me, this appliance is something worth investing on. I use it everyday, even twice a day… And will be using it maybe for the next 3-4 years. So settle for the product of quality and with warranty. 🙂


Personal Picks – Chicco Liteway

It is another Personal Pick Friday! Today, I want to share with you another item that mommies put on their wish list for their babies – the stroller.

When I was looking for a stroller the first thing I considered was how easy this stroller can be transported wherever I would be going. My life consists of monthly travels and since I intend to breastfeed my baby, it will mean I have to bring this little babe with me. What we need now is a light weight but sturdy stroller that can be used by a newborn until probably 3 years old.

So I was at a quest of finding the best baby carrier for me and my babe. I saw many kinds of strollers. There were those paired by car seats and bassinets. Others had stimulating toys. There were strollers considering the other baggages the mom or caregiver would be bringing by giving it space.

For me the most important features of the stroller should be — light, foldable, and can recline for newborns. So I entered Baby & Company and I was introduced to the Chicco Liteway.

The Chicco Liteway stroller weighs 7 kilos and folds like an umbrella. It makes it easy to put at the trunk of a car or to check-in the plane.

Joshua super loves this Liteway stroller he sleeps in it during the day! He also loves sitting and going around in it…


It is a great travel partner and Im so happy to have received this as a gift from Joshua’s Ninang Pria!


Personal Picks – Medela Freestyle Breast Pump

It’s my first Friday in this blog. I will try to make every Friday a Personal Pick Friday… Weekly, I intend to blog about products and services that can be useful for baby and mommy. Its my personal review of a product or service we have used and inform readers how they fare.

Today, I want to share with you a really good investment. For those breastfeeding, you will need to invest on a breast pump. I know there are many brands out there and comes either automated or manual styles. Before I invested, I asked my other mommy friends what they use. Many of my friends prefer the Medela brand. So, I went on to research on Medela and how to purchase it. Medela has many kinds of automated breast pumps. They have Medela Swing, Medela Pump in Style, and Medela Freestyle.20130208_071113

My twin sister, who is a certified Lactation Peer Counselor uses Medela freestyle. Since she recommended it, I followed suit in researching this model. The great thing with the freestyle is it is a double pump (you can pump both breasts at the same time). Its main machine is small and handy and can fit in the palm of one hand. It also has a belt clip where you can attach this machine on your waist. Like its name, freestyle, you can really walk around and do other chores while pumping. Its kindda cool!

The reasons why you pump is to express milk so moms don’t get engorged, and to store milk for your baby’s mealtime in case you are away during feeding time. It also helps in tricking your body to produce more milk. Because your body is designed to produce milk the more it is stimulated by either your baby’s sucking or thru pumping.

I bought my Medela freestyle on Amazon. If you have friends or relatives who can bring this pump for you from the US, then buy it on amazon because it is cheaper. Now like i said this is an investment but it is worth the investment because this product can last you years even to the next child.

I bought on Amazon and it costs US$341 or less than P15,000 for the Medela Freestyle Breast pump package. It includes the following: A bag with the Medela Freestyle pump and its accessories, rechargeable ion batteries and charger, 2 Breast shields, 2 bottles, Ice pack with bag. If you buy it locally, it can be around P19,000 to P30,000. It seems pricey but I look at it this way:

Breast milk + Medela Freestyle cost per month:
P15,000/ 6 months of breast feeding = P2,500/month
P15,000/ 12 months of breast feeding = P1,250/month
P15,000/ 24 months of breast feeding = P625/month

If you go formula – you can use one can of milk at P900 in one week. That means your average monthly spend on formula is about P3,600/month. The breast pump and mother’s milk will still come out cheaper especially if you do it longer. Plus, breast milk is more nutritious for our babes.

Medela House in Manila can also tune up your breast pump if you buy your Medela breast pump from them. I have friends who have used their Medela breast pumps until their 3rd child. Which is why it is a good thing to buy and keep. 🙂