Smartphones are for ME-TIME!

As a newbie mommy, I did not realize that me-time will be one scarce luxury. All the more if you are committed to breastfeeding, you feel like a milk machine that needs to function every 2-3 hours. In short, with the demands of child care, a mommy has very slim chance to do things she would normally do. So shopping, visiting salons, eating out or hanging out with friends are very limited or even impossible.

Thank goodness for technology and the smartphone. Internet browsing, and social media give moms the ME-TIME at the convenience of their available time when babies are sleeping or nursing. The internet enabled gadgets like the tablets, smartphone, has allowed moms to be connected with the world even if reality is they are stuck at home. It allows us to slip out of reality momentarily and like and comment on facebook posts and instagram photos. Also without having to go through a bulky laptop, I can easily research my queries about my worries, my issues, and the encouragement needed about my child care issues.

When nursing my baby for 15 to 45 mins, I find it most helpful to getaway from the boring stare-on-the-wall to reading blogs, news and checking on friends and family instead. I have found myself and another mom actively liking and commenting on facebook at 3am! Obviously we were awake because we were feeding our babies. The smart gadgets help us stay awake while we are nursing our babes… And because the smartphone is small, easy to hold with the hand, and light, it makes it the most easy gadget to have near the bed.


Whats great is also the loads of application available for download on your smart gadget. One of the applications I enjoy the most is the bible and you can download it from This allows me to have quiet time despite the hectic and demanding schedule of a mom. Indeed, I consider this such a pleasure to have this smart gadgets that allows me to have ME-TIME. It really is a blessing and such a great time to be a mom with all this technology!


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