A Love for dogs….passed on.

We love dogs. In fact, before Joshua came into our lives, our pets were like children to us. We have 3 wonderful big (slightly overweight) dogs and they bring us so much joy.

Blue and Scotch, our American Staffordshire Terrier (from pitbull line) grew up sleeping with us in our bed..They are lovable, playful, and for years took the place of a missing child in our marriage. Well, it was until the day, God granted our desire.

When I was pregnant, I was advised to start weaning my dogs off me, so they won’t get jealous when our baby arrives. I admit it was hard to do. So our dogs slept with us in the room (not on our bed) even till my 8th month. I felt the dogs knew I was pregnant because Blue was always surrounding me like a protector especially on my last trimester. I wondered,
“how will they react when I leave for the hospital and I come home with a new baby and not pay much attention to them?”

I was told that when I give birth, the father has to come home with baby wraps and make the dogs smell it, so they can be familiar of the new one that will be coming home soon. I’m not sure if my hubby did that. But when I arrived home from the hospital, our 3 dogs were excited to see me, and they wanted to see and smell the baby. Unfortunately, we were advised for the safety of the baby from allergies and asthma, it would be best to keep them apart first.


However, when I would get early sun for Joshua, they would follow wherever he was like guard dogs! As the months passed, Joshua would take morning strolls and they would fetch him from the door. We are family, it is impossible not to care for each other.

Joshua at 8 months has become interested with the dogs. He likes to touch them, follow them, and pull their tails! He is not afraid and he enjoys them.

Our love for dogs is something that Joshua sees and he too now is a little dog lover like us!


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