Child proofing your space

My little guy happens to be a very fit baby.. He is exclusively breastfed and very active toddler. He was only 2 months when he started the tummy crawl. In time, he rolled over and crawls better. Then suddenly, he cruises and just becomes very mobile and curious. As a mom, with these developments, I began to see the accident-prone areas in our home.

First on my list is securing Joshua from the hard floor. I had to pad the floor in Joshua’s room with rubber tiles. This way it cushions him from falls or painful rolls.

Next, I had to address the furniture in the room. Joshua learned to get support from drawers and cabinets for him to stand up. To prevent finger accidents, I had to find several household preventive tools.


You can buy these from the hardware store and they are stick-on locks that stops drawers and cabinets from opening.


My son is very observant. He sees how many times in a day I plug my gadgets in electric sockets. Obviously, he would come near the sockets and tries to put his fingers to inspect it. Haaaaah! I stop him from one socket then he crawls to the next! To solve it, there are these wonderful plastic covers that can be inserted in sockets. These are just great to have!
Another innovative invention of a mom is this screen cover for electric fans. I got this from a mom bazaar in manila. This is brilliant! It stops fingers from getting through and I super love this!


Safety is really key with a toddler. Child-proofing your space just relieves you from worrying about the next accident. It is always better to be on the side of prevention rather than being sorry.


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