First International Trip!

Planning for an international trip for your baby requires some preparation. It means knowing requirements before enjoyment.

We had to get a passport first. In the Philippines, the requirements are filled out application form, nso certified birth certificate, parent’s passport, and personal appearance of both parent and baby at the department of foreign affairs. The good thing is you don’t have to queu in line when you are with an infant.

After the payment and photo, you can claim passport in 2-4 weeks.


Next part is booking your travel! Children below 2 yrs of age has a very minimal fee to pay. Inform your travel agent your baby’s birthday. In booking accommodations, look for child-friendly hotels. Check their amenities and inclusions for children (e.g. Are they included free breakfast? Do they offer extra cot for free?) These little details can be very valuable.

Whenever we travel we have to think of what happens during travel. So this makes you assess what to bring. Be prepared to walk and carry your baby. So this means bring a stroller or a baby harness. If you want mobility without getting tired, it is really worth it to bring one of these or better even both!

Expect to pack a whole luggage just for your baby. Bringing disposable diapers, clothes, toiletries, even medicines (like paracetamol just in case), some toys and snacks, can take up a bit of luggage space. Thats just the way it is.

Part of preparation is to check the weather for appropriate clothing. In our case Hong Kong and Macau was around 18°c -23°c when we got there. So I made sure Joshua had jackets and socks to keep him warm.

Lastly, packing good humor and positive attitude is key to enjoyment. Appreciate the family bond above the inconveniences just makes family trips abroad more fun and memorable. The bond Joshua had with his daddy during the trip was precious. I loved every moment of it. Joshua was so happy and such a great buddy to travel with.


(part 2 to follow in the next blog)


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