Photo project


I learned about photobooks from an online shopping site. Ok, after being a mom, I don’t have much leisure time. One of my outlets is to check things I want online. Thus, I bumped into Photobooks.

Every mom must be spending lots of time taking photos and videos of their baby. Most of these photos are just taking up disk space in our computer or in our phone. Then laziness sets in that mommy no longer prints these photos and just posts them on facebook or Instagram. Or worse, leave these in their memory cards. The only time we regret leaving these pictures there is if our computer crashes or our phone gets lost!

Photobooks makes it easy for you to safe keep these photos by printing them on nicely designed albums that looks more like a book. It gives you a really easy software to work with. You get to choose backgrounds, picture layout templates, put texts, and even stickers. Its can be real fun if you are the type who likes to make scrapbooks. This is a digital version.


Unknown to many, even my own wedding photos were not printed into a wedding album until last year (or 7 years later). I was too lazy and did not find a good software and quality paper and printer. Well, with photobooks, it gave me ease and just simplified the process. The good thing with Photobooks is that once you have finalized your design, you submit it online and pay online! Then in about 1-2 weeks they mail your customized album straight to your home! Its easy. It is convenient.

They also do posters and they have other printing options. I’m really recommending this to moms. They are having a sale as of this time. Go check them out at

Keep those memories!



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