Its okay to play with sand

February and LOVE goes very well together. Both have the following ingredients to a great short vacation — Great weather, white sand beach, and a wedding. Yes, it so happens that the youngest sister of my husband has decided to have a destination wedding in Boracay Island. Our little boy will play a role as a ring bearer on that special day.

It will be our first time as a family to go to Boracay. The travel was a long one for us. We had to drive to Davao then take a plane from Davao to Cebu. From Cebu we get a connecting flight to Caticlan. Then lastly a boat ride from Caticlan to the main island. Oh well, even with the long travel, we were excited to be with family.

Joshua’s first beach experience was in Gumasa, Glan. He was so young though. He was only 5 months that time. This time, he is much older and I think will appreciate the beach even more!


Sand challenge
We as parents have been so careful about cleanliness and hygiene. Especially after Joshua got sick with ameobiasis we became even more cautious. So many times we warn Joshua about dirt and not to touch it. So, for the first time, Joshua was allowed to go freely and touch the sand. However, we found him in full restraint and even dislike playing with the sand. He wanted sand to be taken off from his feet and just wanted to be carried. Oh-oh!!!

Steve being the strongest figure in our son’s life was the only person who could break that “scary sand” mindset. So daddy, took time to play and introduce the powdery white sand of Boracay to Josh.


It was not long, Josh was finally under the sand! Thanks to daddy and his uncles, Joshua was able to conquer his fear.


Boracay is really a place for babies to learn to love the beach. Its cold, fine sand just appeals to kids of all ages. Its also a good place to help strict parents like us to just chill and take a break. It gave us a chance for our little boy to enjoy just being a baby boy. Thank God for precious moments like this.


Joshua walking on sand


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