Im in hibernation

After the successful Sarangani Bay Festival in May, I started feeling really sick. I would get headaches and body pains and I was fatigued most of the time. I was irritable while breastfeeding my one year old son and was just not myself. It was not too long before I found out I was pregnant again!

I was very happy with the news. However, this happiness did not last long. I was seriously part of the 85% of women that got morning sickness. This morning sickness was way more intense than my last pregnancy. I was vomiting every meal ( and I honestly hate vomiting!!!). I lost 10 lbs in one week! I could not eat much because eating caused me abnormal gas and acid. After that week, I begged my doctor to confine me to hospital. It was the best decision. I was totally dehydrated and it could have been detrimental to me and the baby.

God is faithful that despite the rough first trimester, the results from the doctor indicated a healthy baby. I have to say, I could not accept any visit from friends. I was incommunicado. I did not leave our house and harldly got out of my room. I would cry and pray constantly and started to wonder if I was headed towards depression.

Another issue i was dealing with was having to wean my son off breastfeeding because I felt under-nourished, and for the safety of the other baby I had to reserve the nutrients I could hold down for the “baby in the oven.” Joshua, our toddler, had to go through the weaning process and he did so with a lot of crying and screaming. Not something you want to hear going through a tough first three months.

I was so thankful that my mother-in-law and sister-in-law came to visit. They gave Joshua the attention he needed, because I could not. My husband was very kind to care for me the best he could given his busy schedule. He would make all the calls to the doctor and try to pick up the slack with my other household chores. He was also very patient because I was really not the same woman. So much so, that I was warned by my doctor that if I don’t pull myself out of this emotional rut, I would be a candidate for postpartum depression. I immediately rebuked that statement by calling upon the Name of Jesus! Since that day, I prayed harder and started to read the bible again.

Since yesterday, I have been feeling better. I know so because now I can look at my computer again without feeling nauseous! Also, I have been eating closer to my regular diet. There is a time for everything, and God has reasons for the seasons in our lives. To all my friends who know and who prayed for me… thank you!!! I really need your prayers. To those who wondered why I have not responded to calls, messages and social media, I was trying to get “over the hump.” Hopefully, by God’s grace, I will see you soon.


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