Simple joys 

Just this Holy Week we did a spontaneous and unplanned trip. We packed up our clothes, our groceries, our games, and our kids to a weekend in Kling Plantation. Our only plan is to eat and have fun by the beach and check out the farm. It turned out to be more fun than we thought!

For a couple of days we had no internet. This meant finding ways of doing things together without distraction… And that’s exactly what we did!

We had barbecue and swam in the beach in front of the farm. Our kids enjoyed making sand castles and flew their kites and some of us even took a small banca ride around.

 IMG_1052 IMG_1061 IMG_1092 IMG_1098



 We also did activities that were mentally stimulating. We played othello, scrabble, and the kids did their Holy Week art work too!

IMG_1103 IMG_1106




The farm had small horses, so each one took turns riding them around. My son has seen horses but this is his very first ride. He was a little scared in the beginning. Much later he was touching the horse which was very good! 

IMG_1180 IMG_1182


We also took a ride across the farm until we reached the Maligang River. There we got off from our cars and just took a dip in the river. Just like that– these were simple joys of life. As they say, the best things in life are free! 





 Since we got all “River-ed Up” , we decided to go straight to New La Union in Maitum and go for the most exciting River Tubing Adventure. First, we got entertained by the Tboli children and next by the rapids of Pangi River. It was absolutely an amazing nature trip! The kids were asking to do it again.

IMG_1335 IMG_1340



 I loved how we disconnected from the world and from all our gadgets for a couple of days. We really enjoyed nature and the people we were with. It was a great weekend of simple joys! We did nothing expensive and yet what we experienced and the memories made are priceless!


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