What a special Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, I am superbly blessed to have my mother, Carla with me here in Sarangani. This is the first time we are spending Mother’s Day together in a long time. What makes it more special is because I too am  now a mother too.

In the past days that my mom has spent her vacation here with me and the kids… it has given us time to talk, to bond, to catch up, to laugh, to get advises, to marvel at what God is doing. She says she finds it enjoyable to watch me and how I am a patient mother to my kids. Coming from my own mom that means a lot! I know I am not a perfect mom and many times I lose it. Her words of encouragement is just what I need. Her motherly affirmation that I’m doing okay, really uplifts me! 

 Also as a daughter, I still get my morning kisses from my mom while she is here. This vacation  time allows me to hug her and tell her “I love you”. I will always be her little girl even if I am 38. I know it must be so amazingly fast how time has gone. We had a good 12 years separation when she was in the U.S.   When she came home, I was married and busy with a career. It was a tumultuous adjustment for mom coming home. Really, none of us knew what to expect… It must have been hard for her back then. That is why, my sister and I really believes this will be our year of breakthroughs for our family. This is a year of our family to make new memories, to heal past hurts and to not miss moments to express love while we still can.

This Mother’s Day is such a gift from God for us both. As I walked with her today and went shopping with her, I have so much thoughts of thanksgiving to the Lord. 

So this day, I give this honor to my mom and all the moms. This day is for us who have been called by the Lord for a higher purpose — to raise children in love and for them to grow in the knowledge and fear of the Lord! Let’s celebrate together in this higher calling. 

Happy Mother’s Day! 


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