Thank you for being daddy!

My husband, Steve, is a public servant and he is a very busy man.  So most of the day, I spend with the kids taking care of their needs, teaching and disciplining my toddler (because I catch the moments of disobedience). However, despite his very busy schedule and the stress that comes with his job, he makes it a point to spend time with the kids every day. I really appreciate that about him.

He is the type of dad that wants to be the first one to make his children experience something different or new in their life.

  He likes to buy gifts and play, but he is also stern in discipline.

When he gets home, he likes spending time being in one room  doing nothing (ok, maybe watching TV).

He also likes to hug and kiss the kids.  He loves holding them!

When we are away, he keeps saying, “I miss you guys, and I keep dreaming of Joshua”.

The most stressful part about being married to Steve is when any of the kids get sick. Even just a slight fever can be like the worst has come!  He just wants all of us to be well and happy!

As a father, he prays for his children.  He lays his hands on them and releases blessings in their lives.  So I know that our heavenly father is listening and will grant his prayers.

It seemed like a blink of an eye, that time in our life when we prayed to the Lord for our children.  I recall the day when we found out we were pregnant and weeks later, that first pregnancy was going to be terminated because it was ectopic.  The night before the operation, Steve embraced me to sleep with his hands clasping mine, as I cried to the Lord for the loss.  He was crying too because we both wanted to be this baby’s parent.  The Lord in His faithfulness, on the 7th year of our waiting, made us parents.  Steve was finally a legitimate father. A daddy to Joshua, and now a daddy to our little Anna.

I thank the Lord for the privilege he is giving my husband to be a father.  I thank God because Steve is experiencing a different kind of love.  He is experiencing another dimension of joy.  Most of all it is making him know God more as our father.

This day, I thank God for all fathers, who make themselves available for their children.  To dads who are ever present, who provide for their children, who love and discipline their own kids, who prays for their children, and who thinks about their future.  God bless you and may God increase your joy! I love and thank you Steve, for being that kind of daddy.

Happy Father’s Day! 


One thought on “Thank you for being daddy!

  1. I’m so happy I read this! What a beautiful, heartfelt dedication to your husband. This was so sweet to read. He is lucky to have such an appreciative wife! Enjoy your fathers’ day, mama!

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