Personal pick – Lamaze Books

As soon as Joshua hit 3 months, his curiosity grew. Perhaps his eye sight can clearly see colors that he could better appreciate what he could see.

At 3 months, Joshua is able to hold his head, stand on his legs when supported, he reacts positively to my voice and to those in the family, he can grasp things and coo. I loved witnessing each of his milestone. Thanks to technology today it’s just easier to capture it and share.

We were in Davao back then, when I had to attend a meeting. Since I’m a breastfeeding mom, I can’t be apart from Joshua. Where I go, he goes.


SM Lanang was just a perfect place to stroll young babes. So I took him for a shopping trip. I had to buy new set of clothes for Joshua as he was quickly outgrowing his clothes. Then, I decided to get him a gift for being such a good boy. He did not throw a tantrum or complained while I went shopping. So we stopped at the toy section. I would show him rattles and toys. If he did not show interest, he would just bite his fingers and look at the toy with a blank stare. But if he liked something, he would stretch his arms, kick his legs, and smile. I thought, this is great because my baby gets to pick what he wants and enjoy it (and mommy’s money does not go to waste).

Then, I saw baby books for babies as early as 0+ months. I did not realize book reading is encouraged even before a baby turns a month old! So I showed Joshua the books. He liked them. Since there was quite a selection, I chose the 2 books he got most excited with.


Both books are products of LAMAZE. The “Panda’s Pals” book is a soft book made of fabric and colors of subjects predominantly in black and white. The other book Joshua chose is the hard bound one, “Farm Sounds”. We started a new routine where we include reading of these 2 books everyday. He loves it and its a good bonding time for us as he listens to me talking and him looking at the subjects in the book.

I have researched about reading to children while they are young. It builds up their interest in reading as they grow older. They will associate reading as fun! I highly recommend Lamaze books for our babes!



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