Mommy’s Day!


Thanks to a facebook greeting from a friend, this photo made me giggle so early this Mother’s day morning! It’s true… How do we mommies do it?

We are able to do like gazillion things in the house, work, caring for our babies and their caregivers, serving our husbands, making time for friends, etc… God’s designed women to be really, really strong, resilient, multitasking, resourceful, and just simply amazing human beings! I always looked up to the women in my life–first, my mom who delivered twins and managed to raise us on her own when she became a single mom. She’s resourceful and fun! My grandmother, who bore five children was an amazing home maker. She baked and cooked as her side line, and sewed dresses and bags for her daughters so they would catch up with the fashion trends without spending so much… She even sewed my mom’s wedding dress! How sweet is that!

Then, there are amazing moms too in my day and age! I admire my twin sister Monique. She has 4 children of her own. She is a businesswoman of a growing promo and events company, and she has a big heart for ministry with her husband. A couple years ago she took that step of faith to homeschool her kids. I look and wonder how she does it… She is so calm under pressure and so positive! I also admire my sister-in-law, Pria. She is a single mom and yet that did not become a crutch for her. She raised an admirable, responsible, handsome gentleman. I have seen her in that crazy roller coaster of motherhood, and she has done a great job! The other woman, I admire is my friend Joy. She is a mother of four and pregnant with her 5th. She is a committed wife, an intentional parent, a homeschooling mom, inspirational speaker, a blogger. Her children are not only good looking, but growing in the character of Christ. In fact her 2 older sons join them in speaking engagements and encourages the audience positively to live by faith.

There are just so many amazing supermoms out there!

The only reason moms can be super moms is not by genetic configuration. I truly believe it stems from an inner strength coming from a SUPER GOD! Only God our creator can empower women with these attributes enabling them to become super moms! For the journey of motherhood take moms to depths of love she never would imagine she can give. She would also experience anxiety on matters she never thought she would worry about, and yet will be able to overcome. Since she no longer lives for herself, daily acts of selflessness is a norm. A mom will also experience great joys and susceptible to pains that come along with parenting. All these she will be able to go thru because a Big God is giving her abundance of grace.

I thank God for sustaining me daily and giving me everything I need to be a good mommy. In the end, like all moms, we just want these — children who will be able to stand on their own, a heart instilled with good values, and for them to live prosperous, successful, and healthy lives…

To us mommies, let’s thank God for entrusting us with this gift! I greet mommies out there — Happy Mommies day! Cheers to us!

Proverbs 31:28-31NLT “Her children stand and bless her. Her husband praises her: There are many virtuous and capable women in the world, but you surpass them all! Charm is deceptive, and beauty does not last; but a woman who fears the LORD will be greatly praised.”


(Memes are taken from facebook postings)


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