My little boy has taught me so much in 11 months. One of it is this…

Being a mom, has introduced  me to new dimensions of emotions. It has made me experience deep joy, a new perspective on love, cherished moments of great thanksgiving.. It has also revealed that my patience still needs further stretching. Also learning to relax in tense situation, is a must!

Well let me just share one story. Our funny and scary 11-12-13… The exact date that Joshua turned 11 months.

Because Joshua has started to walk short distances, his confidence began to build up. In the norm of every toddler learning to walk comes the falls, the bumps, the accidents. That morning we were playing and I decided to put shoes on his feet. I thought, lets practice walking with shoes. He was doing fine.

Every morning his yaya (nanny) would get Joshua from me for his breakfast time.. About that time, I left both of them in the sala.. Suddenly in about 3 minutes, I hear a big “KABOOG” and deep sigh then my baby crying from the depth of his lungs.

I rushed to the scene and found the yaya picking up Joshua from the floor. I sounded angry and nervous interrogating her how he fell. I immediately got Joshua and there I saw a deep line on his cheek. He was in pain and the line turned black. I was saying it is ok and I breastfed him immediately to soothe and distract his pain. His tears rolled down from his eyes. It hurt!

I found out he tried to turn 180 degrees from the chair to the table. In doing so, the shoes he wore made him trip, and his entire body weight landed on his cheek. Ouucch!!! We placed ice on the cheek and the deep black line became swollen. Ok, I could not get angry at the yaya because the reason he tripped was because of me! The great big idea of practicing his walk with shoes! Grrr… on myself.


No matter how big the black and blue, it will be okay as long as mommy is there to hug, kiss, and assure that baby is okay. Pheeeww! So hard to see your child in pain and tears. Makes you nervous for a few minutes, and like any mom, one must carry on.


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