He decided to potty!!!


I bought that baby toilet seat about a month ago for my 15 month old. I was trying to make him understand that poo-poo should be done on the toilet seat. Joshua did not fully understand at first. I would make him sit on the baby toilet seat and hold him with my facial expression of pushing bowels and making that sound “uh-ohhh… Uh-ohhh”. He would try to follow my face but still not get it.

For the first time today (April 11), in the middle of our play time, Joshua looks at me and makes the “u-o” sound. So I asked him, “do you want to poo-poo?” I was surprised to see him turn away from me and run to the bathroom.

We rushed to follow him, and took off diapers and placed his potty training toilet seat on top of the main toilet seat. He sat without protest. He kept pointing to the toilet paper. It was not long when he finally dropped those baby bombs! Yes! My son at 1 year and 3 months got himself to successfully do #2 in the toilet. I am so thrilled!

Joshua has caught me using the toilet several times. I surmise he figured things out by what he saw. This son of mine never ceases to amaze me. He really is such a smart little boy!



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