First Mom & Son benefit

We just did our very first fashion show today in Fairmont Hotel Makati called “Lola, Mommy, and Me”.    I’m actually so happy we agreed to join the ABS-CBN Bantay Bata 163 Benefit Show for several reasons:

1. This benefit will change lives among young children who need help. I met some of the kids that Bantay Bata has helped, including  the recipients of open heart surgeries. They are living a healthier and fuller life than before. It’s great to be part of something that can make a difference.

2. One of my closest friends is the director of this ABS CBN Foundation’s Fashion Show. Rain Ramas hails from General Santos City and is not only a great designer, but also an excellent producer. He worked hard to make this fashion show a success– the brands that supported were Rajo Laurel, F&F, Uniqlo and other Rustan’s brands.

3. Gina Lopez, the woman behind the foundation is one person I admire. She is passionate about changing this country one community at a time. Our partnership in Sarangani is growing and has helped communities earn through Eco-tourism. 

4. The make up artist I will be working with is an up and coming make up star, Jag Irineo. She also is a native of Gensan and does amazing make up!  In fact, the make up she did on me was complimented over and over. 

5. This is a special mommy and son experience. Joshua was a natural. He was not afraid of the stage. We walked that long ramp with ease. It was a good moment for us and it was fun!   What an honor and privilege indeed! 



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