Learning to swim

Joshua just loves the water! We have a small inflatable pool given to him as a gift and he swims in it pretty frequently. He has always enjoyed the fun in the water.      Joshua is a beach lover too!  He loves the sand and the sea… He also enjoys rivers! My 2 year old is a pure waterboy!       However, despite his exposure to water, he is not yet able to confidently go underwater or swim unassisted.  Because of that, we want Joshua to take swimming lessons. While on vacation in Manila, we are glad that we were able to find him a swim teacher who specializes on children. He is known as teacher Alvin.    Teacher Alvin is like a pre-school teacher but does it in the pool. He sings “wheels on the bus”, “humpty dumpty” and many other nursery rhymes to make the swimming experience fun and kid-friendly. For 2 year olds like Josh, sessions are one on one. It must be done according to the child’s readiness and pace. Plus, it has to be within a child’s attention span.  Alvin lets Joshua wear a back floater and he used about 4 foams at the start. After 5 sessions Joshua got more confident and now has graduated from 2 floaters to just 1! He is now able to carry himself and keep himself afloat with 1 foam on his back!  Just like anything practice is key to getting it right… In due time our little guy can be a confident swimmer without the floaters. And who knows, he may be a swim athlete like I was in my younger years. 🙏🙏🙏 Here is a short video of his single foam swim and how far he has improved!


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